Mike Golding Ecover 3 wins Imoca Open 60 class in round the island race

Datum: 03-07-2008 - Bron: Mike Golding Yacht Racing

A hearing by the Protest Committee has this afternoon confirmed that Hugo Boss has Mark Lloydbeen disqualified from today's JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island race. This was following a start line collision where Atomic (Farr 45) was dismasted and Hugo Boss lost her bowsprit.

Following the disqualification of Hugo Boss, the winner of the Open 60 class is Mike Golding and ECOVER 3, followed by Artemis (Johny Malbon) and Aviva (Dee Caffari).

"It is always nice to win, but not ideal under these circumstances when there is damage and huge cost to Atomic and Hugo Boss" commented Golding when he heard the news of his promotion to first place in the IMOCA Open 60 class rankings. " We enjoyed some close racing with Hugo Boss today and I was happy with the result as it was on the water."

ECOVER 3 / JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race 2008


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